ESI Group had a first experience with open-source software development, through the acquisition in 2012 of OpenCFD, the development team of OpenFOAM (reference in Computation Fluid Dynamics). We are here taking inspiration on the way OpenFOAM organizes his roadmap development into a consortium governance.

Members joining the Scilab Consortium will benefit from a long-term impact on the Scilab Roadmap. This impact will partially be shared with a wider community upon decision from the Consortium's following committees:

  • Steering Committee: defines the features pre-selected by the technical committees and votes for the associated budget. 
  • Technical Committee: Experts (from industry or research) that are nominated in specific technical domains (such as statistics, optimization, signal processing, control systems) in order to select the features that will be integrated in Scilab. 

We are now recruiting members for those committees, to join the phase 1 of the Consortium

Phase 1 funding

Scilab Studio : Native m. script execution