Scientific software development

Using the Scilab environment and other top-of-the-line scientific software, our engineers and scientists can help you make the most of your R&D efforts.

Evaluating and auditing your needs and projets

Our experience as developers of Scilab, the leading open-source Scientific Computing environment, puts us in the best position to help you manage your tooling needs – whether Scilab or other open-source solutions, or for commercial, expensive, computation tools. Our expertise covers:

  • Tooling Audit: define your need, in particular with regard to commercial tooling, aiming at optimizing licence usage,
  • Application Audit: reviewing and evaluation how to improve performance or quality of existing applications built on Scilab, or on other similar tools,
  • Migration Audit: helping you evaluate and execute migrations between commercial and open-source computing tools.

Adapting Scilab to your R&D environment

Thanks to the variety of custom modules present in Atoms, and dedicated modules developed on-demand, we create versions of Scilab specific to your applications – wether for optimization, statistic, signal processing, or for control systems… By selecting, packaging, and distribute, complete computing environments for your R&D and production teams, we help you ensure the highest productivity of these teams at the best cost.

Creating and developing your vertical solutions

Our consulting team has an extensive experience at managing, developing, and deploying R&D implementation projects using Scilab.  We have built custom solutions in a variety of industries and verticals, including HVAC, Aeronautics, energy, industrial processes… Your project could be next !